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Identifying vulnerabilities and security risks arising from associations/partnerships with natural/legal persons/entities


We analyze the solvency or seriousness of a legal entity

As the experience of any entrepreneur proves, the current economic environment does not always have mechanisms to quickly eliminate from the market those economic actors whose solvency or seriousness are incompatible with a fair competitive business environment.

The risks of associating with them in any form are diverse, from financial and patrimonial losses, loss of markets, damage to the brand image, triggering negative media campaigns or even repercussions from law enforcement institutions. Entrepreneurs do not always have the time or internal resources to verify the integrity of a potential partner.

PRIME INTELLIGENCE has the professional expertise, means and methods that can evaluate the solvency and seriousness of a legal entity, key elements that can constitute an eliminative condition for starting any future association.

We evaluate the conduct, public morality, solvency or seriousness of natural persons

PRIME INTELLIGENCE, through its specialists, can offer beneficiaries evaluations regarding the conduct or public morality of some people, so that the beneficiary can avoid starting collaborations with inappropriate people, collaborations that can generate dysfunctions, risks or vulnerabilities for the business.

A reality of the current business environment is the difficulty of identifying specialists in most fields, regardless of the economic branch or hierarchical level (middle/top management).

A requirement of any employer is, in addition to the high professional level, the moral probity of the future employee. Seriousness, fairness, loyalty are qualities that every entrepreneur expects from employees, collaborators or partners.


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